Data Center & Infrastructure

Data infrastructures are the lifeblood of any organization

Telecommunication networks constitutes one of the crucial elements of each modern IT&C infrastructure.
A network infrastructure built on the basis of open and modular solutions prepares it for further challenges and ensures high working efficiency

Power Distribution and Automation System Solutions

With growing demand for power supply to distribution cabinets, manufacturers of power distribution units should offer a very wide range of products in order to meet the growing requirements of the market.
Power distribution systems from our portofolio have numerous applications in IT&C segment.
As part of automation systems for a Data Center, we offer hardware solutions allowing you to monitor environmental conditions of telecommunications cabinets and server rooms, as well as access control systems for cabinets and server kiosks, and the System Manager SM4DC software for IT infrastructure visualiation and management

Structured Cabling System Solutions

With a flexible cabling infrastructure, a structured cabling system can support multiple voice, data and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer.
Proper planning, design, installation,
and maintenance of this infrastructure can have a positive impact on your company’s day-to-day operations and can contribute to its success.
Based on many years of experience, GSC and BKT Elektronik has created the unique Structured Cablineg System Solutions, taking into account customers’ needs and best interest

Broadband Solutions

Optical products belong to a yet another assortment group produced by BKT Elektronik and offered by GSC. They are designed for setting up optical fibre broadband networks, FTTH networks and office building networks.
Optical fibre cables offered by BKT Elektronik and GSC are delivered by the biggest producer of cables in the world, Prysmian Group which comprises Draka

Outdoor Cabinets Solutions

Outdoor cabinets constitute a protection of passive and active devices mounted inside in every weather condition.
BKT Elektronik double-wall structure protects against heat, cold, rain, snow, as well as not permitted access. Due to its IK10 impact rating, the structure also protects against mechanical damage.
Their ingress protection has been rated to IP55. The cabinets are made of 2 mm aluminum sheet and are coated with outdoor paint. They are estimated to be usable for 30 years as a result of tests conducted in an independent research lab

Racks and Accessories Solutions

Among the core products of BKT ELEKTRONIK are metal IT cabinets and casings and related metal accessories. Cabinets are intended for passive and active network equipment with standard dimensions of 10″, 19”, 21″.
Selection of the right server, network or IT cabinet is of great importance as it will affect the cooling, fire extinguishing or even power supply systems and the functionality for the end user

Data Center Solutions

Recent years have seen a dynamic development of IT and telecommunications infrastructure and data processing services. This enables mass access to information, knowledge, entertainment, social media, e-banking, e-shop and so on. The process of transferring data from paper documents to digital environment is progressing.
The Server Room or Data Center facility should warrant the reliability of infrastructure and its full availability 365/7/24

Cable Management Solutions

Nowadays, modern facilities take a structured approach to management solutions. The solutions to improve cable management will ensure you adopt best proctice, meeting industry standards for instalattion purposes. It also ensures facilitate plans to maximise a data cabinet’s density, providing essential cost saving when streamlining equipment inventory. With networking equipment getting more compact, engineers must review cable solutions ongoing, to maximise density and infrastructure


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