Sistem telefonic PBX prin internet - compatibil 100% cu Asterisk - IPX-2500

Cod: IPX-2500

Intuitive, Ease-of-Use IP PBX Machine Management
PLANET IPX-2500 IP PBX telephony system is SIP based and optimized for the small and medium business in daily communications. The IPX-2500 is able to accept 500 user registrations, and easy to manage a full voice over IP system with the convenience and cost advantages.

Leading Enterprises and Workgroup Users to High-Speed Networking Generation
With the increasing popularity of desktops and laptops built with Gigabit network interface, and wide application of shared Database Device and Multi-media Center day by day, the IPX-2500, equipped with dual Gigabit RJ-45 ports (10/100/1000Mbps) (WAN/LAN), provides advanced voice and data communications features where businesses need to stay productive and responsive.

Off-net Calling Capability, Call Restriction, Call Access Control
The IPX-2500 integrates up to 8 calls via the IPX-21FO (4 FXO) , IPX-21SL (2 FXO + 2 FXS), IPX-21GS (4 GSM), IPX-21PR (1 PRI) and IPX-21BR (4 BRI) modules to form a feature-rich PBX system that supports seamless communications between the existing PSTN calls, analog, IP phones and SIP-based endpoints.

Replacing old PBX directly without requiring any new wiring to be put in
Cost-effective, easy-to-install and simple-to-use, the IPX-2500 converts standard telephones to IP-based networks. It enables the service providers and enterprises to offer users traditional and enhanced telephony communication services via the existing broadband connection to the Internet or corporation network.

With the IPX-2500, home users and companies are able to save the installation cost and extend their past investments in telephones, conferences and speakerphones. The IPX-2500 can be the bridge between traditional analog systems and IP network with an extremely affordable investment.

Distributed VoIP Network Infrastructure
For the new generation communication age, the IPX-2500 supports IPv6 and VPN (client / server) connection to provide users with more flexible and advantage communication products. With PLANET DDNS function, the IPX-2500 also helps users to apply and remember the login information easier. Moreover, its multiple language features helps user to quickly and friendly manage the system.

Standard Compliance
Compliant with the Session Initiation Protocol 2.0 (RFC 3261), the IPX-2500 is able to broadly interoperate with equipment provided by VoIP infrastructure providers, thus enabling them to provide their customers with better multi-media exchange services.

Green IP Office
The Fax to Email / Email to Fax service by the IPX-2500 allows users to transfer / receive faxes directly to / from your email inbox as file attachments. It is an easy and confidential way of receiving, storing and forwarding important fax documents, thus creating a paperless green office.

Full Security with VPN Support
The IPX-2500 VPN securely connects geographically disparate offices of an organization, creating one cohesive virtual network. The IPX-2500 VPN technology is also used by ordinary Internet users to connect to proxy servers for the purpose of protecting one's identity. It includes VPN server and client function that can support users’ full security login.

The IPX-2500 provides the essential features you need for business-class voice communications in an easy-to-manage solution. Designed for medium-sized businesses with branch offices, the IPX-2500 perfectly brings voice, conferencing, mobility, voice gateway, and IP PBX services just on one single appliance.

WAN 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45 port
LAN 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45 port
2 Slot 2 x vacant slots
Supports maximum 8 ports (FXS / FXO / GSM) or two PRIs / BRIs
USB 2x USB 2.0 type A; Future Feature
Audio 2 x 3.5mm audio jack; Future Feature
VGA 1x DB15 VGA Interface
Protocols and Standard
Standard SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261), IAX2
Protocols RFC 793 TCP
RFC 1034, 1035 DNS
RFC 1631 NAT
RFC 2516 PPPoE
RFC 3261, RFC 3311, RFC 3515
RFC 3265, RFC 3892, RFC 3361
RFC 3842, RFC 3389, RFC 3489
RFC 3428, RFC 2327, RFC 2833
RFC 2976, RFC 3263
Voice Codec G.722 / G.711-Ulaw / G.711-Alaw / G.726 / G.729 / GSM / SPEEX
Video Codec H.261/ H.263 / H.263+ / H.264
FAX over IP T.38 Fax (Pass-through)
Voice Processing DTMF detection and generation
In-Band and RFC 2833, SIP INFO
Internet Sharing
Network Features DDNS Client (PLANET DDNS, Easy DDNS, DynDNS, Zone Edit, No IP)
DHCP Server / SNMP v1/v2
IEEE 802.1Q of VLAN
IP Assignment (PPPoE / DHCP / Static)
IPv4 / IPv6
Manual Configuration of Static Route Table
Trouble Shooting (Ping, Traceroute)
VPN Client (Supports N2N / L2TP / PPTP / OpenVPN)
VPN Server (PPTP / L2TP / OpenVPN Server)
Security Features Refuse SIP Register DoS
Refuse Abort Invite Dos
Refuse SSH Login DoS
Firewall / SRTP
PBX Features Black List
BLF (Busy Lamp Field)
CDR (Call Detailed Record)
Conference Room (3 rooms)
DID (Direct Inward Dialing Number)
DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
DND (Do not Disturb) / Feature Codes / Flash Operation Panel
Follow Me / Auto-Provision
IVR (Interactive Voice Responses)
Multi-language System Prompt
Multiple language of GUI
Phone Book / PIN Set
Record Files Download
Ring Group / SIP Trunk
Skype for SIP / Smart DID / System Log
T.38 Fax (Pass-through) / Time based rule
Virtual Fax / Voicemail & Voicemail to Email
Call Features Call Back / Call Forward / Call Group
Call Hold / Call Paging and Intercom
Call Park / Call Pickup / Call Queue
Call Record / Call Route / Blind Transfer
Attend Transfer / Call Waiting
Caller ID / Dial by Name
Customized IVR / on hold music / Transfer
Three-way Conference / Video Call
System Capacity
System Capacity 80 Concurrent Call Legs
Up to 500 IP Phone Registers / Extensions
Recording (GSM / default): 2,500,000 mins minutes; Wav: 210,000 mins
Voicemail (GSM / default): 2,500,000 mins minutes;Wav: 210,000 mins
Network and Configuration
Access Mode Static IP, PPPoE, DHCP
LED Indications SYS: 1, LNK/Off
WAN: 1, LNK/Off
LAN: 1, LNK/Off
PWR: 1, LNK/Off
FXO / GSM: Red
FXS: Green
Dimensions (W x D x H) 310 × 500 × 90 mm
Operating Environment -10~45 degrees C, 10~80% humidity
Power Requirements AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A max
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