Media Convertor Industrial Planet, Protectie IP 30, de la Ethernet 10/100Base-T la Fibra Optica 100Base-FX(SC), Single Mode 15Km (-40 la +75 Gr C) - IFT-802TS15

Cod: IFT-802TS15

Media Convertor Industrial de la Ethernet la Fibra Optica single mode

Distance Extension with High Performance and Steady Network Communication
The PLANET 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Industrial Media Converter – IFT-80xT series extends communication distance with stable performance via fiber optical wire, in which the extension distance could be up to 2km by applying IFT-802T, up to 15km by IFT-802TS15 or up to 20km by IFT-805AT (vary on SFP module). The IFT-80xT series is specifically designed with durable components and strong housing case to operate reliably in electrically harsh and climatically demanding environments. The industrial level media converter provides a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges which are usually found on plant floors or traffic control cabinets in sidewalk. Being able to operate under the temperature range from -40 to 75 Degree C allow the IFT-80xT series to be placed in almost any difficult environment.

Robust Media Converter Performance
The PLANET IFT-80xT series 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Industrial Media Converter efficiently converts data between 10/100Base-TX and 100Base-FX network. The IFT-80xT series provides the flexibility with all kinds of 10/100Mbps Ethernet Media on RJ-45 port and performs highly stable fiber performance.

Easy Installation and Wide Range of Power Usage
The IFT-80xT series is packaged in a compact IP-30 case that allows either DIN rail or panel mounting for efficient usage of cabinet space. It provides an integrated power supply with a wide range of voltages for worldwide operation. It also offers dual-redundant, reversible polarity 12V DC to 48V DC power supply inputs for high availability applications requiring dual or backup power inputs.

Transportation Networking
PLANET’s Industrial Media Converter, IFT-80xT series, offers high reliability and security to guarantee the continuous industrial operation in harsh environments such as control cabinet of transportation, factory floors or the extremely low or high temperatures environments. In the industrial networking environments, each networked device is required to keep running continuously in the hazardous status. If industrial equipment fails to connect to the network, it might influence the entire operation of industrial systems and thus cause incredible financial loss. By adopting the IFT-80xT Industrial Media Converter which complies with all the requirements of industrial applications, customers may enjoy high reliability, fast recovery capability, and safe Ethernet network operation.

Fiber-Optic Networking for ISP, Enterprise, and Home
With stable performance of data transmission and easy installation, the IFT-80xT series Industrial Media Converter can build an ISP network solution of FTTH (Fiber to the Home), FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) for ISPs, or FTTB (Fiber to the Building) for small office network environment in the enterprises.

Hardware Specification
10/100Base-TX Port 1 RJ-45 Auto-MDI/MDI-X port
100Base-FX Port IFT-802T:1 SC Interface
IFT-802TS15:1 SC Interface
IFT-805AT:1 SFP Slot
Fiber Port Type IFT-802T:SC / Multi-mode
IFT-802TS15:SC / Single-mode
IFT-805AT:Vary on module
Cable Distance IFT-802T:2km
IFT-805AT:Vary on module
Optical Frequency IFT-802T:1310nm
IFT-805AT:Vary on module
Launch Power (dBm) Max


Vary on module
Receive Sensitivity (dBm) IFT-802T:-32
IFT-805AT:Vary on module
Maximum Input Power (dBm) IFT-802T:-14
IFT-805AT:Vary on module
Dimension (W x D x H) 135 x 85 x 32 mm
Weight 430g
Installation DIN rail kit and wall mount ear
Maximum Frame Size 1522bytes packet size
Flow Control Back pressure for half duplex, IEEE 802.3x Pause Frame for full duplex
Enclosure IP-30 Slim Type Metal Case
LED Indicator System:
 •Power 1 (Green)
 •Power 2 (Green)
 •Fault (Green)
1x copper port:
 •10/100 (Green)
 •LNK/ACT (Green)
1 x 100FX port:
 •100 (Green)
 •LNK/ACT (Green)
Power Input 12 to 48V DC Redundant power with polarity reverse protection function
Power Consumption 3 Watts/ 10BTU (maximum)
Protection ESD (Ethernet): 6KV DC
Surge (Power): 6KV DC
Speed Twisted-pair:
 •10/20Mbps for Half / Full-Duplex
 •100/200Mbps for Half / Full Duplex
 •200Mbps for Full-Duplex
Network cables 10/100Base-TX:
 •2-Pair UTP Cat. 3, 4, 5 (100meters, max.)
 •EIA/TIA-568 100-ohm STP (100meters, max.)
 •IFT-802T: Multi-mode optic fiber 62.5/125μm / 50/125μm (2km)
 •IFT-802TS15: Single-mode optic fiber 9/125μm (15km)
 •IFT-805AT: SFP Slot (Depends on SFP module)
Standards Conformance
Emissions FCC Class A, CE Class A
Standards Compliance IEEE 802.3 10Base-T
IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX / 100Base-FX
IEEE 802.3x Flow Control and Back pressure
Stability Testing IEC60068-2-32 (Free fall)
IEC60068-2-27 (Shock)
IEC60068-2-6 (Vibration)
Operating Temperature -40~75 Degree C
Operating Humidity 5~90% non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40~85 Degree C
Storage Humidity 5~90% non-condensing
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